The Wynwood Arts & Fashion District is a rapidly emerging neighborhood located in the heart of Miami’s east side renaissance. Wynwood is located north of Downtown Miami and is bordered by Interstate 95 to the west, North Miami Avenue to the east, NW 29th Street to the north and NW 20th Street to the south. Once one of Miami’s thriving warehouse districts, thanks to the former Florida East Coast Railroad, these structures started becoming vacant in the 1970s as freight transport increasingly shifted away from rail.

During the drug wars of the early 1980s Wynwood sank into a tailspin of urban decay and neglect that lasted into the 2000s. During the building boom of the early 2000s, Wynwood began a transformation driven in large part by the vision of Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties. 

 Mr. Goldman saw the potential of the neighborhood and how Its industrial history  provided great open spaces and dramatic exterior canvasses for creativity.


On December 1st, 1968, Tony Goldman opened Goldman Properties in a 200 square-foot office space with one employee on the ground. His love for historic preservation had begun. In the more than 40 years of Goldman Properties history, we have created magic in places that others have overlooked. 

We recognize that real change occurs when a neighborhood is pedestrian-based — that is the Goldman philosophy. Street life has to be real, there has to be grit, energy and a true sense of place. We create neighborhoods where people and businesses flourish. We think big, but keep the scale human.